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Yuma Candle Company

Desert View Academy Fundraiser

Desert View Academy Fundraiser

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We are thrilled to be partnering with Desert View Academy PTL for this fundraiser. 40% of sales will go back PTL. 

Please make sure that you are purchasing from this listing so that we can be sure to credit them properly. 

YUMA MESA: Brings memories of Yuma when it rains. Clean dirt, orange blossoms, and fresh rain. 

DATE FARM: Sweet and earthy dates perfectly balanced with rich florals and crisp citrus.

CACTUS FLOWER: Fresh flowers, soothing coconut, light musk, and desert sands make this a year round favorite. 

COTTON FIELDS: Reminiscent of walking through our Yuma cotton fields on a summer's day. 

SPICED HONEY: A capitaving blend of sweet honey and spice with a smooth woody base. 

FLOWER MARKET: Light florals with mixed with a delicious herbal blend to bring that farm wrapped bouquet into your home. 

TREE FARM: Take a walk through a tree farm on a cold winter night. We keep this one burning long after the holiday season. 

POMEGRANATE BIRCH: This surprisingly light fragrance is a top seller. The sweet pomegranate top notes are balanced by smoky birch. While this candle was designed as a holiday scent it is one that works through all seasons. 

MAPLE GINGERBREAD: Spicy gingerbread with sweet maple frosting. 

TWISTED MARSHMALLOW: Sweet vanilla with hints of peppermint, reminiscent of the favorite peppermint pillow candies. 

SPICED CRANBERRY: Sweet cranberry with musky spice bringing back memories of your favorite hot holiday drink.  


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